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“This program is the reason why I’m in college now.” I had to leave my family to come to UALR, but I’ve made new friends here and they are like my family.” ~ Laura Montalvan

Can Donaldson Scholars Work for You?
Do you dream about having a bright future and wonder if college is for you?  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, young adults with a bachelor’s degree earn 57 percent more than a young adult with a high school diploma.

The Donaldson Academy will help you realize your dreams and help you get to college and more importantly, the Donaldson family will help you succeed in college.

Students in the Pulaski County Special School District and Jacksonville North Pulaski School District can apply for the Donaldson Scholars Academy.


One Comment on “How To Apply

  1. i just want to thank this program/corporation for coming to our school . Sylvan Hills High to inform all the teens about this act prep application , and the scholarship as well. there are those that deserve this with all respect and they try to average out and keep their gpa up, while maintaining a regular life as well .


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